Julie Christian is a wonderful wife, soul mate, mother, and daughter—a farmer’s daughter. Her nickname is Super Jewel because she is as amazing as a super hero. “Faster than a speeding bullet,” she can stop a loved one’s tears before they fall; “more powerful than a locomotive,” she can fix any crisis that arises at home or work; consistently successful at pulling off the seemingly impossible, she can probably “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” As a working single mother for years, she provided for three children while raising them up in the way of the Lord and showing them unconditional love. She is also the owner of a marketing business and adroitly juggles nearly an infinite number of tasks and demands daily. She is a woman of noble character who loves God and shares the love of Christ with others. Her Creator made her with more talents than could possibly be listed on this page. All this character and talent are wrapped in stunning beauty that she keeps looking captivating by working as a fitness instructor. Julie earned a degree from the University of Georgia and continues to wear her “Go Dawgs!” shirts. Is that a positive quality? Her favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1.

Julie also devotes much of her time working to encourage and support women through multiple ministries.  She lends her time and efforts to groups that serve at-risk women throughout her community including victims of domestic violence and single mothers. Julie hosts two online small group Bible studies, one for single mothers and another for mothers of children with disabilities. She also co-facilitates an eight-week Bible study for post-abortive women called Surrendering the Secret through the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Southwest Florida. Julie is also the author of two books, Island in the Bubble and an untitled fiction work.

Julie also volunteers her web design and marketing talents managing a website for a ministry that includes seven hundred churches in seven countries. Julie and her husband Mike co-lead an adult Bible class at their local church.

Julie Christian has been featured on Heart of the Matter radio with Cynthia Simmons.

Julie Christian is available to speak to your group on a variety of topics.