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“When I grow up, I want to be…”

Julie Christian’s daughter, Kasie, was born with Turner Syndrome. She is going to college to become an astronaut. Kasie brings joy to everyone she is around. When she used to play basketball, in high school, people would say, “When Kasie wins everyone wins.”

What happened on April 30th…

This episode begins with a recording of a 911 call with our guest. Kasie, a college student with Turner Syndrome, found her father unresponsive and had to call 911. She performed CPR and was a brave young lady who following instructions from emergency responders to try to revive her father. Julie Christian and her daughter Kasie share the triumphs and challenges of living with Turner Syndrome. Kasie is a brilliant student who is studying to become an astronomer. Kasie’s advice is to hug someone you love because you never know when it will be the last time you will see them. Join me as we try on Kasie’s Vans shoes.

Pearls are Always Appropriate – Unless You’re the Oyster

But a pearl isn’t just a fancy thing placed inside an empty shell for me to find and take pleasure in. The whole story of the pearl helps me understand the trials I experience and the irritations that can bring the growth I desire.

The pearl is the result of years of friction. Something from the outside breaks through the oyster’s thick shell and settles deep in the flesh and begins its work. Layer upon layer of nacre, like prayer and supplication, soothing the rawest wounds. Until many years later, there is nothing left inside the shell but the pearl.

It’s Okay to be Different

My Children are different in a good way. They are becoming the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. And eventually, when the kids busy playing with their screens want to be friends with my kids, there’s plenty of room in my treehouse.

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