Mike Christian is a servant in the Lord’s Army. He spent most of his adult life on active duty in the United States Coast Guard while also serving The Lord. In addition to looking devastatingly handsome in his uniform, he and the people that he served with in the Coast Guard saved many lives and prevented millions of dollars of illegal drugs from entering the marketplace. Mike is intelligent. Along with graduating as co-valedictorian of his high school, he earned three graduate degrees, including an MBA. From his childhood, Mike has loved the oceans and the abundant sea life dwelling in them. He taught many people to swim, dive, and save lives through CPR and First Aid. He is also the proud father of an amazing daughter who shares many of his altruistic qualities and kind temperament. Recently, he became the proud stepfather to Julie’s three bonuses who grow to love him more every day. There are not enough words to describe the limitless nature of Mike’s servant heart. His desire to serve God and pour himself and his life out for others in God’s service is inspiring. It is a special blessing to know and love Mike. He is a gift to us all. His favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 3:20. Mike currently devotes his time to many ministries, including discipleship training in multiple countries across the globe.  He is the leader of several online small group Bible Studies, and continues to serve in global ministries.