Screen-Free Quarantine – Day 9

Screen-Free Quarantine – Day 9

The Screen-Free Quarantine – Day 9

Today was a better day.

My husband should get the Most Valuable Husband award, because boy did he help me out by keeping the boys focused on their work. He encouraged them to keep MY stress level low. (Funny, because right now, they are upstairs stomping a rhythm onto the floor to a Queen song. I’m sure you know the one.)

Anyway, today was a better today. Work stress was kept to a minimum, and I’m getting better at planning out their lessons. The packets that the school sent home really don’t have enough work in them to keep them engaged. I’m not complaining. The school set up online learning, but we can’t (or won’t ) participate. So, I’m using the printed materials they’ve given us, and then adding my own lessons from workbooks and used textbooks that I’ve purchased from Amazon.

As far as sanity goes, I’m kind of at the point where I’m so detached from reality, that I wonder if there really is a virus that is getting lots of people really sick and killing some of them. It all feels very removed from me, and at the same time, I know (remotely) some people whose lives are being terribly affected by the virus (whether they have it or not), so I know it must be out there, but since I’m so isolated, I can’t feel it.

I woke up this morning, and after my coffee, I realized I was down to ½ gallon of milk. I decided I would order a grocery delivery. That didn’t work. There were no delivery “spots” available. Fine, I thought. In a pinch, I’ll do a Walmart order. I hate Walmart, but these kids eat A LOT when they are home all day. Thank you to the school system, by the way, for the breakfast and lunches.  They really do fill a need and keep me from going crazy. I look forward to driving to pick them up (I don’t have to be near people. They place the food on the table and then I go pick it up and put it in the back of my car). It feels very Silence of the Lambs to me, and I keep thinking one of the lunch ladies is going to toss me a bottle of lotion, but so far, it hasn’t happened.

Today was my father-in-laws birthday. That feels really weird. We normally send him a gift and a card, but this year, I was supposed to print him out a copy of my second novel, and send it to him. We ordered boxes from the post office, but still haven’t seen them as of yet. In a pinch, I ordered him some Omaha Steak meals, because they love those, but even those haven’t been delivered yet. I mean, I know that’s really spoiled of me to expect that things would be delivered at the same level of service as before, but…you know, I really feel like I’m in this book farm bubble.

I really am NOT going crazy. I see posts from everyone around mentioning how they are feeling stir crazy, bored ( I just can’t comprehend being bored. I’m exhausted and busy every second of every day. I’ve never been so behind on laundry before!), and shell shocked. I love being in my little castle. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from this whole experience it is that #1 I have an amazing Father God who has blessed me beyond anything I have ever deserved. And #2, wow did I ever luck out in the husband lottery. And, #3, my kids are annoying, and time consuming, but they’re pretty wonderful in their own ways. There’s really not anywhere in the world I’d rather be.

Most of you are really only reading this because you’re interested in Kasie (I admit, she’s much cooler and more interesting than me), and I will update you to say that she is working SO HARD right now. I helped her organize all of her assignments and put reminders in her G-tasks, since being at home makes it really hard for her to stay organized. I also got her into the routine of dressing every morning before she comes downstairs for breakfast, and brushing her teeth.

We are ALL doing this. It’s great for our teeth, but I will say, it’s great for our routine. The days that I’ve ended up staying in jammies all day (because I was too busy to change) were the most stressful days I’ve had (coincidence? I think not). So, we all get dressed every morning, and I don’t serve breakfast until everyone has brushed their teeth.

That’s another thing. As a result of this Screen-Free Quarantine, I’ve created some interesting new recipes that are “flexible” in their ingredients because it’s difficult to get the things you want or need at the store.  My favorite is, pancakes made with free yogurt from the school breakfasts for an added protein punch, and of course, Jacob’s favorite hashbrown recipe, in honor of Waffle Houses closing across the country. My father would be glad he didn’t live to see the day that Waffle House wasn’t open for some Hashbrowns, scattered, smothered and covered.

If you want to see these recipes, sign up for my newsletter. I’m so busy, I never get a chance to send them out, so your inbox will NOT be inundated with things from me, unless I have something important to say.  The recipes are gonna be awesome, though, and you’ll feel like Martha Stewart, but in a pair of leggings, and with no jail time.

So, I think I’m done for the night. Tomorrow is another day, and every day during the Screen-Free Quarantine is a surprise!  Can’t wait to see how the next one turns out.

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