A Father Means the World to His Children

A Father Means the World to His Children

Being a step parent is a difficult and often thankless job.  Step parents often find themselves feeling as if they have very little influence in the lives of children who already have a mother and a father, even if they live separate lives.  Our 9 year old son revealed to us just how powerful of an influence step parents can have on the lives of children, and that influence, either positive or negative can affect a child almost instantly.  We had been married only a few weeks when our son gave us this letter, which is now framed on the wall in our family room.  It showed us  just how much impact a step father can have on his new family, and how he can be used to breathe life, security, love, and happiness into a child.

Fathers, step fathers, and those who are considering taking on this monumental role, seize your responsibility.  What a great honor it is to be a good example and role model to a young person.  Even if there are two active parents in a child’s life, you have an opportunity to model Christ’s sacrificial love to the entire family. Subscribe to the Team Awful Blog to receive more articles about how to love your family more deeply and find greater joy and contentment in your life.

Happy Father’s Day!

The Love Story
by Jacob

Once upon a time, there was a man named Mike and Julie. When they first started to date, they would stay far away from each other. Then they would get closer and closer and soon Jacob and Daniel got to meet Mike. They were in love when they first met. On the wedding day that was the hardest day not to cry. Now Jacob and Daniel live with Mike. It is sunshine and rainbows when we see him. The wedding day was the happiest day of my life. One time on Easter, me, Mike, Daniel, Julie and Kasie got to have a Bible study. It was fun. They got married on April 1 and now he walks us to school in the morning. Every day is a happy day. He helps me do my homework. He takes me to baseball and takes Kasie to the gym. Every day is fun. The Skies are blue. Julie and Mike’s first date was on the beach. Me and Mike go to the beach a lot! Julie and Mike are the perfect match. Me, Mom, Daniel and Mike and Kasie are the perfect couple.


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