A Work in Progress

Many of you have seen my posts about my time at the Florida Christian Writers Conference.  I recently took my work in progress (my first fiction novel) to the conference, hoping for honest feedback from the writers, agents, authors and publishers there.

Consider my mind blown.

As you can see from my video here, I was in awe of the talent and pure gifts from God on display in these amazing people.  Just WOW.

And yet, they listened to my work and my heart, and many offered tears and prayers for my ministry.

Since I have returned, I have received many questions and comments from my friends and family, and I would like to address them here.

Where can I buy your book?

To quote Shellie Arnold,  a newly adopted mentor of mine, “Publishing is very much a hurry up, then wait and see industry.”

While I received much interest for my book at the conference, I also received much critique. Now, I am back home editing and refining the manuscript, so my message will be understood by readers.  Although my book is a novel, my subject is an important topic.  I believe I have a message that needs to be heard, and I want it to be clear and effective.

When my book is finally published, I will let you know where you can purchase it.

What is your book about?

Well, I suppose I can break the silence here.  I have written a book about abortion.

In the story, the central character, Jodi, struggles with guilt, regret and grief after she chooses to have an abortion.  As she battles through the darkness of her feelings, she discovers that the secrets of her past have been holding her in bondage.  As Jodi breaks free from her chains, she encounters resistance from the enemy including lies that mock her.  Refusing to believe these lies, Jodi accepts forgiveness and love and eventually finds peace.

Not exactly a light beach read.  But, statistically, 1 in 4 women in the U.S. will have chosen abortion by age 45.  If you are in a room with twenty women, chances are that five of them will have had an abortion and are keeping it a secret.

I was one of those women.  The choice to abort my baby is one that I regretted instantly.  The pain of that terrible choice haunted me relentlessly.  Like the character in my book, I did find peace and forgiveness, and it is my desire to share that message with other women.

How can I help you get the message out?

  1. Thank you for asking!

    First, you can share this blog post with your friends.

    For my book to be published, I need a platform.  What that means is that the more friends and supporters I have online, the quicker I can get this book into the hands of the hurting women who need it.  So, share away!  You can also post comments to this message below.  If you have questions, or even if you disagree with this message, please post it here.  I truly want to hear your feedback.  Of course, I will edit comments for profanity.

  2. If you know of any group that could benefit from hearing this message, let me know!

    I am currently looking for speaking engagements and would love to come and speak to your group.  This message is great for all women, even teenagers.  If you have a youth group, Sunday school class, mom’s group, or club, no matter how small, let me know!  I would love to come chat with your group.  Again, the more friends I make and the more people I talk to about Jodi’s story, the better!

  3. Prayer!

    I seek and covet your sincere prayers for this ministry.  I am working with other women in my community to bring a message of hope to post-abortive and otherwise oppressed women.  There is a great need, and I ask that you pray for God to send me where I am needed most.  When we free women from bondage, we release them to do what God has called them to do!

Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement.  Please leave your comments below!

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