Marriage and the Millenial

Marriage and the Millenial

I recently attended training in which I heard an interesting statistic about marriage and Millienials:

“A marriage model that involves a two-year trial allowing for the union to either be formalized or dissolved at that point, with no divorce or paperwork required, is supported by 43% of Millenials and by even more of the younger Millenials.”

With my one-year wedding anniversary coming up next month, I wondered, “Would my husband choose to stay married to me if we were subject to such an agreement?”

One night at bedtime, I asked my husband whether he would choose to remain married to me if he was given an “out” after two years. This sparked a discussion between us.

If couples were presented with this hypothetical option, which perspective would they take?  Would each partner immediately begin formulating an escape plan or do what I did and begin to wonder whether the other spouse felt like he or she had gotten a raw deal?

Are you a spouse who is concerned with the satisfaction of your partner, or are you more concerned with your own happiness?

I would guess that spouses whose primary focus is the overall satisfaction of their partner are more likely to have spouses who would choose to remain married after an introduction period.

Me personally?  I am glad that my husband married me for life. For better or for worse, I still think I got a great deal.

I pray that God will give me a servant’s heart toward my husband and family.

If you were given a “two-year option” on your marriage, what would you do? What do you think your spouse would do?


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